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Security Managers have to know the historic data of what has transpired in their region of interest and perhaps aware of current challenges. The biggest problem in the security industry is ego, unlike, surgeons that too hold the life of others in their hands, who must pay attention to detail and therefore ask others advise, explore and skill-up to be in the here and now. The surgeons cannot afford to be ego sensitive as they are quite aware of their responsiblity

Selecting service providers for operations, mobilization and training. Do we go for the cheapest price whereas we obtain services from suppliers that more than likely have diluted their service in order to make a little profit? Perhaps, they have gone further and supplying either illegal, inexperienced or irrelevant services that you assume are skilled inline to current challenges.

When Selecting service providers that are not skilled inline with existing and current macro threats and the security manager does not insist on ensuring those skills are part of tender, then this is being irresponsible and the security manager is now responsible for all collateral damage that could occur. It is not the simply selecting service providers that are regionally accredited that lands up on the services list of suppliers - it is service provider that has the skill-sets to do the job. The problem is, is that the security manager may not know what is truly going on the ground in their region of interest and therefore is unaware of how, what, who to use and why.


If we agree with the statement that security success depends on the level of situational awareness and reaction speed then it is possible to comprehend the situation, clarify the position and react knowing the implications and within seconds gain successful results,.

What does situational awareness mean to you in your region of interest?

How do we get to know what are current challenges?

Where do we look to truly know what is going on the ground when staff are not forthcoming with information and lie, hide or volunteer information for their own agenda?

Why do we think we are in control as we cannot afford to be out of control - lives are in our hands.


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