Impact on Security Managers in Germany and EU countries where the right wing is becoming formidable






















As predicted by ISIO at the end of 2017, countries would find that there is a rise in popularity for right wing ideals which will impact on the security manager.

Security managers base their strategy on historic data, current challenges and some may be experienced enough to know that their biggest nightmare is the X Factor - which could be issues that are taking place right here and now under their nose that they are unaware of.

The right wing in Germany now steps into Parliament which was last seen in the 1950's and will deliver challenges that the security managers must take into consideration.

There will be more verbal triggers and actions that will increase the crime, retaliation and terror attacks. Right wing fanatics will be coming out of the closest and woodwork as they have legalistically been voted into Parliament. Language not heard on the streets in Germany for many years will now be heard even more so which will trigger emotions for many - be it pride or embarrassment. The implications of this moment in history could impact in unimaginable events which could teach others in countries where the right wing could evolve into a formidable force.


There will be an increase in the following,

  1. Demonstrations and Riots in or near polarized neighborhoods besides any institutions that support migrant absorption besides counter demonstrations by migrants on right wing strongholds.
  2. Impulsive group GBH attacks and gang rape of migrants and counter attacks on nationalists by migrants
  3. Domestic violent crime in particular locals that have taken in children from war torn countries that were former child soldiers that were kidnapped from their villages and trained to kill - the kids may react in unexpected violent ways. Furthermore, nationalists could attack good hearted locals who house child migrants.
  4. Polarized neighborhoods will grow in size and Organized Crime based in those neighborhoods will ensure that the neighborhoods will be more so fortified as no-go areas for local policing. Organized crime will grow their businesses in counterfeit documentation, trafficking of children, woman and men, besides narcotics which will be smuggled from their home country.
  5. Companies may find that there are an increase in insider threat of the lone wolf, or groups working in concert with each other or in concert with organized crime either voluntarily or under duress
  6. In crease in workplace violence


The Security Managers must acquire relative skills and master skill-craft in order to mitigate new challenges that could impact even more so than the second world war or current impact of the situation today.

Within seconds, the Security Managers may have to activate operations and mobilization as they will be handling life impacting or life & death situations even more so than before. Security success will depend on the level of situational awareness of the decision makers on the ground and the reaction speed.

In this case, what is situational awareness in critical regions of interest?

  • Different cultures can activate an attack right in concert in front of security personnel without security personnel knowing. This is done with cultural communication where words are displayed in hand movement which forms part of cultural behavior. There is a big difference between cultural behavior and body language
  • Companies - Hiring and monitoring staff be it the client or the security service provider. Are they Xenophobic inclined or could they be Radicalizing? Are they racist or bias? How would they react or are they being bullied, blackmailed or extorted?
  • Being aware of cultural behavior and knowing how to use it. For example, Disputes evolving into Demonstrations turning into full-blown Riots. Without knowing security personnel could inflame the situation simply by using facial or being tactile using a left hand to touch someone. This simple gesture could be misinterpreted or be misunderstood which could cause a volatile situation going haywire.

Decision Making in split seconds.

Decisions based on insufficient or unreliable information will deliver collateral damage. This issue is that staff are not forthcoming with information and may lie, hide or volunteer information for their own agenda - be it voluntarily or under duress.

This is where the human factor is the best weapon, whereas, decision makers on the ground must be in a constant heightened state of situational awareness by evaluation, able to identify deception within seconds during an interview and use investigative interviewing methods to send up the issue through the layer of security. This must be done in seconds - which means the personnel have to be trained to react instinctively.

Bad decisions = collateral damage. The level of collateral damage could depend on the luck of the security manager or their level of training. When it comes down to personnel that could handle life impacting or life & death situations - we trust that the security managers ego does not supersede the need to acquire the right skill-sets for this moment in time and master the skill-craft to save lives.

Read the true situation- clarify your position and comprehend the implications of actions within seconds.

ISIO's considerations

  1. Security Being Fluid inline with the history of today

The skill-sets must be updated regularly and especially when government structures change as new challenge in theatre demand such to mitigate the loss of life or assets. Issues could evolve at a moment’s notice elsewhere in the world and be mimicked world-wide at any time.

2. It is not the weapon - it is the people - know the nature of the beast.

We live in the new world order which is transitioning fast because of the migration of people therefore knowing cultural diversity is imperative, however, knowing how to use cultural behavior even more so for many reasons in all sector of security. An example, if one is schooled on body language in the west - they could easily be confused with cultural behavior and misread or misinterpret others are from other cultures

3. Reaction speed

Certain skill-craft must be mastered as security professionals could need to react within seconds. Therefore, the method of training to not only ensure high retention levels but to embed knowledge for instinctive response is priority

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