Security Budgeting for 2018



















Security Budgeting for 2018

We are approaching the last quarter of 2018 whereas Security Departments are considering their budgets.

We use the SPI formula for such; Situation - Position - Implications

Considering physical, cyber, electronic, access control,perimeter security, and specialist protection

Situation for each of the above

  • Historic Data: On reviewing service providers consider if all services that were rendered that was paid for. Service providers can lie or hide information. Furthermore, prioritize past terror or criminal related issues to address
  • Current Challenges: It is advisable for security professionals to meet up with other security professionals in their region of interest to discuss current challenges or issues evolving in order to consider their own budgets for 2018. In this way, you may find an X Factor that you are unable of.
  • X factor:most important - find out what is going on the ground that one is unaware of. We are not fortune tellers that can predict what is going to happen. For sure, it is what is in theater that we are unaware of - that is our biggest nightmare.


Clarify the position with each of the above with regards to our physical and non-physical needs, such as, own staff and outsourced service providers


Where do we cut or elevate the budget? Most important to have a substantial contingency. Reason being, is that we are in a highly fluid and volatile sector of industry where the lives of others are in the hands of the security department. Unique terror attacks or acts of organized crime evolve at a moments notice anywhere at anytime which may demand physical or non-physical products or services to mitigate the risk.

Problem: Accountants instruct to Cut Budgets

Solution: Change attitudes to the fact that the security department is a profit protection or profit enhancing body. This can be done by introducing transferable skills to other departments.

  1. The security department can assist the customer service or sales department on how to interact and handle local and international clients. Reason being, is that the negotiator that can read the other better derives more out of the negotiation.The security professional acquires the skill-set and masters the skill craft of deception detection and investigative interviewing to the degree of not gathering sufficient, reliable and all the information but also manages others emotions. Hostage negotiators cannot afford to loose the deal and security professionals must master to the highest degree as people's lives hang in the balance.

  2. The financial department can calculate the loss of revenue due to workplace violence, strikes, and theft. In order to mitigate various issues the security department can assist other departments, for example, the HR department. A company is only is as good as its people. Employing staff or outsourced services that personnel are bias, racist, bullies, blackmailers, extortionists or have been or still part of organized crime would cause collateral damage. The security could assist or provide the critical core skill-set of deception detection and investigative interviewing

  3. Acquisitions and Mergers. The security department's character is one of paying attention to detail by way of looking for issues that others miss. They focus on the X -Factor which is 'what is truly going on the ground that others are not aware of''. Doing a deal and only finding out after the fact the missing information would cause the company collateral damage in the form of financial capital, wasted time and most importantly - damaging the reputation of the company. Who knows if a company is being investigated by shareholders or stake holders that may be dragged into the limelight of the news feeds and social media in the near future?

Include in the Budget for the most important factor - Gathering Reliable, and All the Information from the people on the ground unless you must do it now to consider your SPI for 2018.

Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision makers on the ground and their reaction speed.

Problem: There is no situational awareness and therefore no mitigation on the X Factor simply because people are not forthcoming with information and lie, hide or share information for their own agenda.

Solution: Security Managers must ensure that they provide tools to their staff and others that can equip skills in-line with current challenges to heighten situational awareness, guidance on decision making based on reliable and all the information.

The critical core skill-set that must be mastered is deception detection and investigative interviewing taking cultural connotations into account.



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