When does the corporate company respect the security department or services?




















Is it when a bomb or activate assailant is stopped in time?

Little does the world know that for Oversight and Governance of a Country or a Company, Parliament or the Board of a Corporate Company use security skills to determine the well-being for the Share Holders.

Little does the Management know of the intellectual power of security is far more matured than the same skills in other departments and the sad point of this, is that the security personnel have no idea themselves of what they should versed in and how to use such.

In real life and this is not reality tv, the media and audience are glued to their television sets watching a parliamentary plenary oversight session exposing corruption, and mismanagement of state assets

Movies depict and praise the actors that intellectually outsmarts or physically conquers the security officers. In real life The problem is that the financial controllers or account department believe that security is an expense. Security officers are called upon to take messages, hold and carry parcels or management believe the IQ of security staff is measured in the physical combat skills or size of the security expert.

Success in any field depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision makers on the ground and their reaction speed. One cannot depend on historic data only for situational awareness as the impact on the economy and social security issues are highly fluid in this day and age. Challenges evolve which impacts quickly and dramatically on the economy, geographical layout of cities, and social issues which stem from incidents that manifest such as, the migration of people which the security world knows very well. The security professional that is versed with Macro impact on current challenges must be consulted for many reasons, naming a few such as, placement of staff or location of stores in polarized neighborhoods.

The problem that all Governments, Non Government Organizations, Corporate, actually and in-fact all political, economic, social institutes or even people in their own personal lives have, is that others are not forthcoming with information, and if they do part with information it may not be all the information or perhaps volunteer information for their own agenda.

What is happening on the ground that others do not know about is key to any political, economic or social issue. This is the biggest nightmare of any politician or business person and where the security expert excels. The search for the unknown issue is embedded in the security expert to look for issues in theater that others do not look for. An example, the consideration and impact of employing or partnering bias, racist staff or partners.

Furthermore, the reason why management do not know what is truly going on the ground under their own nose, is because people are not forthcoming with reliable information. Yes, people do lie, hide information or share information for their own agenda. The difference between other corporate departments and the security department, is that the security expert knows that they could handle life impacting or life & death situations and therefore not only acquire the appropriate skill-sets but master the skill-craft. These skills are highly matured and more advanced than other departments.


The Negotiator - The person that can read the other better derives more out of the negotiation. Hostage negotiators cannot afford to loose the deal.

The Strategist - Is trained to think in a strategic fashion using SPI to such a degree that they can react within seconds.

The Risk Specialist takes into consideration current challenges that impact on political, economic and social health and more so does the security expert on the ground.

When the security expert is experiencing the feeling of not achieving the type of success that they would like to make or capable of making - then their self awareness is lacking or they do not prime and develop their critical core skill-sets and skill-craft.

In order for Criminology and Security Experts to be absorbed into management, they need to sit along side the Financial Controllers or Auditors( which are supposed by be forensic specialists) in governance and oversight. The Security Expert, need to experience or share with HR besides the Financial Controllers their skill-set of deception detection and investigative interviewing .

Security Experts master the skill-craft just as a surgeon has to - simply because the lives of others are in their hands.


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