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Being professional in the investigations

If you are a professional then you have not suffered any form of betrayal or disappointment in years! Have you?

Was it is in business?

Family or friend?

Did you get ripped off by a service provider?

Did you buy a house next door neighbors from hell? 

When a professional investigator has been betrayed or has suffered disappointment, then it simply means that they must simply refresh or skill-up as there are new challenges that must be considered that was either misread or misinterpreted. A surgeon has to do the necessary in order to keep their mind in theater.

The investigator is mastering the art of reading people using deception detection and investigative interviewing. You may think you have mastered these critical core skills but - let us test.

You have no idea that others may be able to read you better while you are reading them. Hostage negotiators, Professional investigators and Undercover operatives may have to disguise their true emotions and intentions at times. Your pet hates, little secrets, strengths and weaknesses are on full public view especially when you are being insincere.

Do you truly believe you can read people of different cultures? If a person is not looking into your eyes are they being deceptive? If they fold their hands over their chest - are they defensive? There is a big difference between cultural behavior and body language, therefore, if you have been schooled in body language in the west - it does not mean that you can read all the people from other cultures

You believe you are a body language expert and stand in the corner of the room and watch people. You look at their feet pointing to the door and believe the person wants to leave the conversation they are in because they are uncomfortable with the conversation or the people. ''I need to get to the loo, or I must phone my dentist as my tooth is killing me or other thoughts are going through the mind''. People think fast than they can speak or hear and therefore could be reacting to a thought and not the conversation.

You are a polygraph examiner and believe that you are an expert. There are times when the client does not give all the information or provides inaccurate information for their own agenda. Question sets are then used but if we ask the wrong questions we are going to get answers in-line with such. Unfortunately, the examiner cannot poly the client in order to ensure that their brief is complete with information. The suspect then gets tested and let us say for arguments sake that their services are terminated. They cannot be called back to answer other issues that could be uncovered after they have been left. The suspect could of been polygraphed for one thing but there could be other things that could be worse or could still be in theater after they have left.

A professional is crystal clear on knowing the simple fact, that their success depends on their level of situational awarenesstheir decision making and reaction speed. Situational awareness in this case is the ability to know if the person is lying, hiding something or why they are volunteering information. A professional has to gather usable, reliable and all the information, therefore, they rely on their skill-set of deception detection and investigative interviewing.

When one has experienced betrayal or disappointment in any area of life, then, it simply mean that the other person could read you better than you read them.

The negotiator that can read the other better

– derives more out of the negotiation!


” You’re either ahead of the game or playing catch-up. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to understand people and be more strategic in their dealings with others,especially when they have people’s lives in their hands.

‘’  HIM provides one with the tools and capability to understand what the other person is thinking. This is crucial when strategizing for business projects as well as in one’s personal life. Being able to tell what the other person is feeling and thinking is a massive bonus and leverage in any social situation.’’

By Jean-Pierre Roux BSocSc hons; MPhil in Criminal Justice

Do you take your profession as serious as a surgeon?

Professionals have to master their skill-craft just as surgeons must


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